I met Shane Scribner in the spring of 2014. He shard the vision God had given him to start a faith based drug and alcohol program. Since the Lord Jesus Christ had recently delivered me from 16 years of drug addiction, Shane's vision resonated with me. There was a "fire burning in my bones" to share this deliverance, I just didn't know how. Broken Lives Ministry would be a start if Shane allowed me to be a part. After several weeks of prayer and fellowship, Shane selected me to be the pastor. I had no formal experience and no seminary background but I did have a passion for the Lord Jesus Christ. I also had a history of drug addiction that would fit well with the program.

Since that time, over 200+ men have given their heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. Relationships and work ethics restored have allowed man of these men to live wholesome, God fearing lives after graduation. We get reports daily of how well these men are doing. The centrality of the Lord Jesus is the reason for this success. Jesus is central in everything we do. Our teaching is designed to unveil the Majesty and Excellency of the Lord Jesus and His perfect finished work on the cross. Our office is managed with the highest degree of honor and integrity; this remark was made recently after a state review of our 501c3 status. "Broken Lives Ministry is the definition of a non-profit organization." "When they say non-profit, they mean it." 


Faith Based Recovery Center 

Broken Lives Ministry

-Bro James Young, Pastor of Ozark Baptist Church, Marietta, Ms. 

When the child of God loves the Word of God, He is changed by the Spirit of                      God, for the Glory of God, because He has found the Truth of God!

Treating The Soul

Not Just The Addiction 

Born and raised in the Tupelo area, Shane Scribner is the founder of Broken Lives Ministry. Reared in a loving Christian home, Shane being a shy person found a way to open up through alcohol at an early age of 16. After drinking which turned into drug usage, Shane went through seven years in rehab not including the jail times that he served. Experiencing several near death experiences he also was in a wreck in which he lost 16 of his teeth in a four wheeler accident. After this he still turned back to the bottle because he realized that through drinking and drugs he could hide a lot of his fears. Self pity became a mode of operation, and things really became a struggle in daily life. After this, six years later he sobered up and met his wife. God blessed Shane with a beautiful family and felt life had changed for him. Starting a successful construction business, going to church and taking care of his family, life seemed to be good, when daily pressures set in. One drink wont hurt, he thought to himself, and four months later he found himself back in jail. Twenty-One charges were facing him with 40 years to life in prison was slated for his future. His wife took the children and left returning to her home in Chicago. When Shane heard the steel door slam shut with 30 other inmates in the cell with him, he hit his knees and begged for God's forgiveness. There is where he gave himself to Jesus, and months later found him headed to another rehab.

The Lord was at work the whole time. Even though he had lost everything, God was restoring everything including his wife, his marriage, and his construction business. 

Shane went back to the very location of his business that he lost to start his business over. When he entered that building he felt the Lord speak to him. God told him, He wanted Shane to open up a faith based rehab. Shane said I can build it, but Lord, You'll have to fill it. Today the Lord has filled it. It houses 70+ men on a daily basis with a waiting list that stays full. In a little over 2 years there have been 200+ men that have given the heart to Jesus. God is in the life changing business, and Shane was and still is instrumental in furthering the kingdom of God. 

Shane's favorite verse is: 2 Corinthians 12:9 “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”